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Anexiam was founded in March 2014 with the intention of combining an excellent team with a firm technological commitment to provide our customers with a high-quality language service by leveraging the benefits of the latest IT tools available on the market.

Anexiam has now become the language solution for micro-enterprises, SMEs and large companies in both the public and the private sectors.

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At Anexiam everything revolves around the value of personal service. In an increasingly computerised and impersonal world, we don’t want to forego humanity in our relationships with our customers and employees. We encourage interpersonal relationships and like to get to know our clients and their needs in depth; we listen to them and understand them while treating them in a friendly and personalised manner.

Another value we’re proud of is our commitment to the local economy. We want to give back to society part of what’s offered to us, and we can only do this by creating jobs and having an impact on the economy of the place where we do business.

Finally, we believe in honesty, hard work and attention to detail, values which we always try to convey in our services through our strong work ethic and our desire to achieve a job well done while attempting to improve day by day.

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We’re your gateway to new markets

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Professional translations in a wide range of fields (legal, scientific, medical, technical, financial, etc.)

Native professional interpreters who will help your company communicate freely with its international clients.

Our services include transcription, voice-overs, dubbing and subtitling, transcreation, etc.

We’re your gateway to new markets

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We’re your gateway to new markets

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